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Why outdoor "PSIence" lessons and activities help at-home schoolers!

Kudos to at-home schoolers and parents that are working with their K-5 during this challenging time of COVID-19. Several issues may have already or will crop up and the Progressive STEAM Initiative (PSI) Outdoor experience can help. Here are a few challenges that you may face:

  1. Loneliness - a lack of socialization and interactions as children need to work and play with others.

  2. School withdrawal - many children actually love to go to school. The lessons and activities are fun.

  3. Lack of motivation - we are all guilty to some point when something we like to do fades as time passes.

  4. Parental stress - we love our kids, but keeping them engaged can be tough. To often we may find it easier to go to the internet as a substitute to human interaction.

There are more, but wanted to share some "biggies". At PSI, we provide options to parents for home-schoolers and alternate schedule students to help maintain motivation, opportunity, resources and engagement activities.

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