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Why isn't pandemics a part of your State Emergency Preparedness Division?

Here's a thought.... Our education system is pretty much ill-prepared when it comes to risk management. It's not the fault of the educator. I have talked to many who look toward their school administrators, who in turn look toward their district leadership for guidance. They, in turn, can't do anything unless the State Department of Education does something, and the State DOE won't do anything unless there is guidance from the Federal. Whew!

And to top it all off, their is poor coordination of effort. State's do not include pandemics as part of their Emergency Response Divisions. At PSI, we are not lobbyists, but we are pragmatic and proactive. One solution is to encourage each state's leadership to include pandemics as part of their emergency response division and include an Education representative at the desk of the State Emergency Response Team (or SERT team).

Contact your local representative and mention this PSIence Initiative. Join us and learn more!

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