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Outdoor, Hands-on lessons have positive affect on student scores

During this chaotic time and the challenges faced with brick and mortar schools, parents are looking to alternatives to keep their children engaged in education. The Progressive STEAM Initiative (PSI) provides an innovative option for at-home school educators, and parents who are helping with A-B schedules.

PSI outdoor lessons have shown great benefits to the students AND to the parents.

  1. Students tend to be more attentive and because of this retain the information from the experience longer.

  2. Outdoor lessons and activities reduce stress and anxiety.

  3. Outdoor lessons keep kids from becoming "tech-bound". By experiencing lessons in small groups, social skills are improved through teamwork, collaboration and discussion.

  4. Students tend to be more physically active as they explore outdoors.

  5. Sunlight boosts student energy and has scientifically been proven to improve vision.

  6. Hands-on experiences in nature improves learning as all the human senses are used.

And there are more! Considering all the benefits, it's a natural progression to pursue outdoor education. Come join us and enroll in our programs.

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