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Building Castles of Sand

The Great Outdoors is a hidden treasure. For many it is used to host outdoor picnics with family, and others camping getaways. But there are many more benefits.... it's an unbelievable science lab filled with wonder that can not only be used to teach the obvious science lesson, it should also be said that teaching math, reading, social studies and art are best taught outside.

Exploring the outdoors provides children with the opportunity to create games, plays, adventures and to invent new things. I sit back in wonder to see their imagination at work.

I have mentioned in earlier blogs that kids who explore their outside world show better test scores and higher grade point averages. Why? Perhaps in their problem solving the child is learning how to problem-solve and overcome challenges with the details. Because, after all, it's the castle made of sand that stands most not so much on the beach, but in their minds as an adult.

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